Managing queries

Queries allow the dynamic grouping of clients based on administrator-defined criteria. One of the most common but also most cumbersome tasks has thus been automated.

If you want to know just exactly how many devices have 8 MB of RAM and a German keyboard layout, all you need to do is taking a look at your BMC Client Management console. If another twenty devices were added to your network with these characteristics, they will be automatically added  to the device group representing those parameters. Of course you do not have to settle for RAM or keyboard layout - there are between 800 and 2000 variables to choose from, depending on the client's operating system.

Queries can be carried out on all BMC Client Management object types and objects (for example, operational rules, administrators, devices, etc.) and are either based on a single or multiple criteria and their values defined by the administrator. Query folders can be used as organisational containers for different types of queries. They can contain any number of predefined or custom-made queries or further query folders for the management of the client system. The following diagram provides an overview of queries:

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