Managing processes

The Process Management node displays information about programs and processes running on the remote managed devices, thus providing you with the possibility to monitor key indicators of your computer's performance. You can quickly see the status of the programs that are running and end programs that have stopped responding. You can also assess the activity of running processes using as many as 15 parameters, and see data on CPU and memory usage.

The Process Management node provides the following information about the currently running local processes:

NameThe name of the executable file of the process.
PIDThe Process Identifier is a numerical identifier that uniquely distinguishes a process while it runs.
OwnerThe name of the owner of the process
CPUThe percentage of time that a process used the CPU since the last update.
CPU TimeThe total processor time in seconds used by a process since it was started.
Memory UsageThe current working set of a process in KB. The current working set is the number of pages currently resident in the memory.
Virtual MemoryThe amount of virtual memory or address space committed to a process. Not applicable for Linux RH9.
ThreadsThe number of threads running in a process. Not applicable for Linux RH9.
Parent ProcessDisplays the PID of the parent process if the currently selected process is a child. The field is empty if it is not a child process.
PathThe full path to the executable file of the process.
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