Managing patches

The BMC Client Management - Patch Manager is mainly for the systems administrators and it provides both general user information and some in depth explanations of the internal workings of the BMC Client Management - Patch Management.

About 90% of computer attacks exploit security holes for which patches already exist. Yet many organizations find it difficult and time-consuming to keep patches current and properly installed across the company. As a result, incorrectly installed patches or patching delays can be expensive and seriously disruptive to productivity.

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Configuring Patch Management

Patch deployment preferences

FAQ on Patch Management Open link

With BMC Client Management - Patch Management , you can easily and quickly manage, update, and download all of your patches for Microsoft operating systems, Microsoft applications, and selected third party applications, such as Firefox, installed across your network. To see a list products that BMC Client Management is capable of patching, see Open link .

This BMC Client Management video (9 mins) describes how to manage patches by using the Patch Management module in BMC Client Management.

For information about managing patches, see the following topics:

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