Managing operational rules via web console

Operational rules are a series of steps executed by the agent. A step is a Chilli script. The behavior of BMC Client Management client agents is fully flexible and configurable.

As an administrator, you can use the GUI to define steps, such as inventory, file handling, and configuration to be performed by the agent, provide parameters to these steps, and distribute the rules. For more information on operational rules, see Applying operational rules.

To view operational rules

  1. On the Welcome screen, search for a device or select a device from the list of frequently selected devices.
  2. Open the Operational Rules tab.

A list of operational rules assigned to the device is displayed. The Operational Rules tab has two sub-tabs:

  • Assignments: This tab lists the operational rules already assigned to the device. This list is retrieved from the master.
  • Local operational Rules: It is a direct access to the device. The administrators can immediately execute an operational rule that is already received on the agent. Select the operational rule from the list and click Execute Immediately

To assign/unassign operational rules

  1. On the Assignments tab, click Assign Operational Rule.
    The Assign an Operational Rule window is displayed.
  2. Select the operational rules to assign from the tree. 
  3. (Optional) You can search for the operational rule from the tree by using the filter. Select the appropriate values from the Criteria and Operator lists, enter a value, and click Search.
  4. Click Assign.

To unassign an operational rule, select the operational rule, and click Unassign Operational Rule.

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