Managing mobile devices

This section provides information for the IT administrators who need the ability to configure, manage, and control the mobile devices that employees use to access the enterprise data. To enable mobile device management, the user first needs to enroll the device for mobile device management in BMC Client Management. When a mobile device is enrolled, it is referred to as a managed mobile device.

For more information about features and benefits of mobile device management in BMC Client Management, see Mobile device management.


BMC Client Management supports mobile device management for Apple mobile devices starting from iOS version 8.0, iPad OS version 13, and Android mobile devices starting from Android version 6.0.

This section includes the following topics:

Mobile devices in BMC Client Management

Using BMC Client Management, the IT administrators can discover all the mobile devices in the network. Although, BMC Client Management discovers all mobile devices registered with the directory server, Apple and Android mobile devices can be enrolled and managed in BMC Client Management.

The following screenshot shows a summary of all mobile devices in the IT infrastructure, categorized by operating system and mobile device type under Mobile Device Management > Mobile Devices.

Under Mobile Devices node, the mobile devices are listed in the following views:

  • Managed Mobile Devices: All of the Apple and Android mobile devices that are enrolled for mobile device management are listed under Managed Mobile Devices node. For a managed mobile device, you can perform remote operations such as:

    • View and collect detailed inventory
    • Install or remove applications 
    • Push or revoke configuration profiles (Apple) 
    • Change profile (Android) 
      • Profile (mandatory)
    • Lock Mobile Device 
    • Clear Passcode
      • New Passcode (optional)
      • Require Entry (optional)
      • Do not ask credentials (optional)
      • Lock Now (optional)
    • Clear Application Data (Android only)

  • Synchronized Mobile DevicesAll mobile devices that are registered with directory server are listed under the Synchronized Mobile Devices node. For a synchronized mobile device, you can view device information such as:

    • Name
    • Mobile device type
    • Operating system
    • Model
    • Subscriber carrier


    The managed mobile devices are also listed in the Synchronized Mobile Devices list.

    You can also assign or unassign directory servers to synchronized mobile devices.

License utilization

The following table explains how BMC Client Management licenses are utilized by a managed mobile device:

License typeA license is utilized when...A license is released when...
BCM Agents

Mobile device is successfully enrolled

Mobile device is deprecated


Inventory is collected for a managed mobile device

  • Last inventory is purged
  • Mobile device is deprecated
Compliance ManagementOne or more compliance rules are assigned to the managed mobile deviceAll the compliance rules are unassigned from the managed mobile device


Only one inventory license is utilized per managed mobile device. The inventory license is utilized as soon as the mobile device inventory is sent to database for the first time. Consequent inventory updates do not require additional inventory licenses.

For more information about BMC Client Management licenses, see License entitlements.

User goals and instructions

The following table provides links to relevant topics based on your goals:


Configure mobile device management to start managing mobile devices

Configuring mobile device management

Enroll mobile devices for mobile device management in BMC Client Management

Enrolling mobile devices

  • Collect and view inventory of managed mobile devices for organizational or legal compliance
  • View and assign objects to assign or unassign licensed software, compliance rules, and commands
  • View financial information of managed mobile devices

Create, configure, and install configuration profiles on managed mobile devices

Managing configuration profiles for managed mobile devices

Create applications lists and remotely install applications on managed mobile devices. 

Managing mobile applications for Apple devices (Apple devices)

  • Collect inventory
  • Install or remove mobile applications
  • Push or revoke configuration profiles (Apple) 
  • Change profile (Android) 
  • Lock, unlock, or wipe mobile devices to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise data
  • Update device and security information
  • Configure restrictions (Apple only)
  • Clear passcode 
  • Reboot the device (Android only) 
  • Relinquish ownership (Android only) 
  • Clear application data (Android only) 

Performing remote operations on managed mobile devices

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