Managing device object attributes

The Additional Device Attributes provides the ability to create, modify and delete attributes of a device object.

This topic includes:

The table of the Additional Device Attributes node provides the following information about the unrelated items:




Displays the name of the created attribute.


Displays the data type of the attribute, for example string, integer, path, and so on.


The display name of the column. This can but must not necessarily be the same as the Attribute name.

Display Order

Indicates the display order of the attribute in the Properties window of a device.

To add additional device attributes

  1. Select Edit> Add Attribute .
    The Add Attribute pop-up menu appears.
  2. Enter the data for the new attribute in the respective text boxes.
    The Column Name text box is not displayed in the table of the node in the right window pane. You need to enter the database column name of the new attribute.

  3. Click OK to confirm and close the window.

To modify additional device attributes

  1. Double click the attribute in the right window pane you want to modify.
    The Properties pop-up menu appears.
  2. Make the desired changes in the respective boxes.
  3. Click OK to confirm.

The new settings are taken into account immediately.

To change the order of device attributes

  1. Select Additional Device Attributes in the left window pane.
  2. Select the attrribute to be moved in the right window pane.
  3. Select Edit> Move Up  or Move Down 
    The selected attribute was immediately moved up or down in the list. Repeat step 3 until the attribute is at the desired position.

To delete additional device attributes

  1. Select Edit > Delete Attribute .
    The Confirmation dialog box appears.
  2. Click Yes to confirm.
    The selected attributes will be deleted immediately.

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