Managing company logo

The Customization tab of Global Settings > System Variables page defines specific parameters for BMC Client Management users.

To customize the company logo that appears on end-user dialogs such as, Remote Control, Direct Access, User Message box and so on:

  1. Go to Global Settings > System Variables.

  2. In the Customization tab, click Browse.
  3. Select the image and click Open.
  4. You can resize the image by using the cropping tool that borders the selected image. You can zoom in or zoom out the image by using the pointing device (mouse wheel) on your computer.
  5. Click OK.

6. In the Customization tab, click Apply to use the logo in all the end-user dialogs.

7. If you want to reset to the default logo, click Reset.

Your changes are applied to the sample dialog box shown in the tab.

The minimum recommended image size is 58 x 42 pixels.

Only PNG or JPG image formats are supported.


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