Managing asset discovery scanners

Any device in your network can be an Asset Discovery Scanner. It only must be declared as such and have the required asset discovery module loaded. A scanner executes scans on individual devices or groups of devices, called targets or target lists. It accesses the targets via different protocols to retrieve all available asset information.

This section includes:

This view provides the following information about the defined scanners:




The name of the scanner.

IP Address

The IP address of the scanner.

Operating System

The operating system running on the scanner.

After a scanner is declared and configured as such, it will appear in the list of Scanners under the Asset Discovery node. For each of the scanners listed you can then create the asset scans it is to execute.Do not forget to configure them as explained in paragraph Configure Asset Discovery Scanner of this manual.


Limitation: Scanners running on a Linux operating system cannot scan the hardware inventory of devices running on any type of Windows operating system.

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