Lost and found objects

The Lost and Found node provides the ability to clear unattached objects of any type that are stored in the database. Unattached database objects are objects that were cut but not pasted, objects that the Autodiscovery could not resolve, and so on, that is, objects that do not have any relation with any parent.

CM has a lost/found intelligence circuit which automatically detects any object that does not relate to any other object in the database, that is, does not have at least one parent. Whenever an existing object becomes unrelated to any parent, the lost/found intelligence sends it to the Lost and Found node. This can happen when an object was deleted from a location but never been pasted into another location, or when the exact physical location of the object is unknown.

The table of the Lost and Found node provides the following information about the unrelated items:




Displays the name of the unrelated object.

Object Type

The type of the unrelated object, for example Query Folder, Device or Operational Rule.

Adding a new relation

To return an unrelated object to its original or a new location, you can add a new relation:

  1. Select the object in the table in the right window pane.
  2. Select Edit > Copy .
    The object will be removed from the list.
  3. Navigate to the new location.
  4. Select Edit > Paste .
    The object will be pasted into its new locations.

The new relation has successfully been added.

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