Localizing the agent interface, reports, and emails

In addition to the Console, you can also localize the following elements of BMC Client Management that are accessible outside of the console :

  • Agent interface in a browser
  • Reports created in the console and displayed in a browser or with other software programs
  • Emails sent by the console

Localizing agent Interface, reports, and emails include:

Adding language to agent interface files

To add a new language to the Agent Interface you need to define the new language in a file, as well as an image of a flag that represents it. To add a language:

  1. Go to [BMC Installation Directory] /ui/common/images and check if there is a matching LANG_YourLanguageAbbreviation.png file for your language.
    • If there is no such file, create a new .png file of the flag representing your language with dimensions of 16 x 11 pixels.
  2. Open the [BMC Installation Directory] /ui/common/scripts/menu_items.js file in a text editor.
  3. Replace the three variables in the following line with your information and add it after line 29:

    <img style=/"position:absolute;top:5px;left:7px;/" src=/"/common/images/LANG_<varname>YourLanguageAbbr</varname>.png/" width=16 height=11>
    <div style=/"position:absolute;top:4px;width:46px;left:27px;/" align=left><varname>YourLanguage</varname></div>',szURL + '_language=<varname>YourLanguage</varname>']

    To add Chinese as a new language, replace YourLanguageAbbr with CN and YourLanguage with Chinese.

  4. Save the file and close it.

You included the new language with its matching flag. In the Agent Interface the new language can be selected, but the translations are still missing. In the next step you add the translations to the database.

Adding language to SQLite database

To add a language to a SQL database you need:

  • your new as well as the existing <Language>.locale files as described in the Translating the .locale files.
  • BMC Client Management Installation file

Contrary to the console, the localization data of the gent interface , reports and emails are contained in a small SQLite database to which all new languages must be added.

To add a new language to the SQLite database

  1. Copy the files Locale2SQLite.bat, Locale2Sqlite.jar, and sqlite.exe to any folder on your computer.
  2. Open Locale2SQLite.bat in a text editor and modify the command as follows:

     java -jar Locale2Sqlite.jar "[BMC Installation Directory]/ui/console/jws/locales"
  3. Save Locale2SQLite.bat and double-click it.
    The command line displays and the SQL file is generated.
  4. Wait until the command line closes.
    In the folder, a translation.sqlitefile is created.
  5. Copy the translation.sqlite file to [BMC Installation Directory] /ui/common/dict and [BMC Installation Directory] /data/core which will overwrite the existing files.
  6. To verify your translations, open the agent interface and select your newly added language from the drop-down list on the top left. The agent interface displays in your new language.

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