Leveraging operational rule steps

BMC Client Management includes a large number of predefined steps for Operational Rules. However, you can also add (import) customized operational rule steps.

Refer to the Adding custom operational rule steps topic to learn how to create your own customized operational rule steps.

  1. Make sure that both your XML and CHL files are valid and in the [BMC Installation Directory] /data/Vision64Database/opsteps folder.
  2. In the Console, click the Tools > Import New Steps menu item.
  3. In the Schedule Import of New Steps dialog, click OK.
    The dialog closes and the folder opstepsis checked for new steps. The XML and CHL files are verified and if successful, a new step is created.
  4. To check your new step, add a step to an Operational Rule and in the Select a Step dialog select your step from the category you defined in the XML file.

You imported a step in the Console and made it available to Operational Rules.

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