Inventory management

Tracking inventory is more than just gathering a list of all computers, software applications, servers, and operating system settings. To make more effective business decisions, companies need a way to easily identify and understand their entire IT asset portfolio. The alternative - manually tracking assets - often results in wasted time, redundant purchases, increased support costs, and compliance risks.

BMC Client Management Inventory is part of a fully integrated line of IT service and asset management solutions. Each product automates and streamlines a specific IT challenge to help you reduce costs and improve service levels. Built from the ground up as a modular, yet integrated system, this family of technologies provides a single, unified solution to simplify a diverse set of complex client lifecycle and service management needs.

The following table lists the main features of inventory management:

InventoryMaintain control with a comprehensive inventory of hardware assets across the entire organization; auto-deploy and update BMC Client Management agent; manage changes to hardware or software configurations, enforce change control policies, and maintain detailed inventory history.
Software license managementShow proof of entitlements and know what software licenses are being used.
Financial asset managementAchieve complete cradle-to-grave asset management workflow by receiving assets, tracking financial data, retiring assets, and reporting on depreciation.
Virtual infrastructure managementDiscover virtual hosts and guests, and change the stop/pause/start state to perform maintenance or troubleshoot issues.
Security inventoryCollect specific data on key security settings with ease, including installed / update status for anti-virus and anti-spyware, as well as firewall configuration or shared resources.
Self-healingMaintain the integrity of an application with routine checks that automatically correct an application even after events that compromise the core files.
Agent/agentless discoverySupport both agent and agentless discovery of assets and provide detailed configuration information.
Data importPerform customized data imports, such as assets and user fields from external sources.
Next-generation and multi-OS supportSupport discovery of network devices for Windows, MacOS, Linux®, VMware workstations, servers, laptops, and network devices; core agent support for Redhat 6, MacOS X Lion, and Windows 2008 R2, Windows 7 and 8, and Microsoft SQLServer2012 and 2014.
Windows-embedded client supportDiscover, deploy, troubleshoot, assess, and update Windows-embedded devices through a single management console.
Audit nowUpdate the summary asset data in near real-time (summary asset data provides quick navigation to hardware, software, and security information).
MyAppsPuts pre-approved software and access requests in the hands of the end user. It's the app store for the desktop - IT can advertise available software applications, advanced actions and quick links for the end-users to access on their schedule, not IT's.
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