Inventory gathered for unmanaged and managed assets

When you use the Asset Discovery functionality in BMC Client Management, it scans the network to discover managed assets (that run a BMC Client Management agent)  and unmanaged (agentless) assets. BMC Client Management also gathers asset inventory details. Managed devices are those that run a BMC Client Management agent, whereas, unmanaged devices are those that do not run an agent. BCM gathers hardware and software of discovered assets and uploads the inventory details to the master server. These details are available from the Client Management console.

Managed devices gather comprehensive inventory details - hardware, software, security, and custom inventory. Whereas, assets that are discovered by running the Asset Discovery wizard (without BMC Client Management agent) gather only hardware and software inventory details.

Inventory gathered for an unmanaged asset

Unmanaged assets can be inventoried with the Asset Discovery scan wizard. The wizard can be configured to scan networks by using remote BMC Client Management agents.

The inventory gathered using the scan wizard varies depending upon whether credentials are used.

  • With domain or system credentials - With valid credentials, the scan wizard gathers complete inventory details of assets. 
    • (Software inventory - Linux and Windows) If NMAP protocol is enabled, BCM gathers OS, hardware, and software inventory. 
    • (Software inventory - Linux and Windows) If NMAP protocol is not enabled, BCM gather limited OS details, and port inventory.
    • (Software inventory - Windows) If WMI protocol is enabled, BCM gathers OS, hardware, and software inventory
    • (Software inventory - Windows) If WMI protocol is not enabled, BCM gathers limited OS details, and port inventory.
  • Without domain or system credentials - BCM cannot access the asset and so inventory details cannot be gathered.

To know more about different credentials accepted during the asset scan, see the Viewing scan sessions section.

Inventory and license consumption comparison

The following table compares the inventory details scanned with or without an agent. It lists the license types consumed by each inventory mechanism.

Inventory type

Managed asset
(BCM agent installed on assets)

Unmanaged asset
(No BCM agent installed on assets)

DiscoversLicense usedDiscoversLicense used

Inventory & BCM agent

Software - Scanned ApplicationYesInventory & BCM agentYesInventory
Connectivity inventoryYes-Yes-
Software - License UnitsYesCompliance & BCM agentNo-
Security ProductsYesCompliance & BCM agentNo-
Security SettingsYesInventory & BCM agentNo-
Custom inventoryYesInventory & BCM agentNo-
Power management inventoryYesPower Management & BCM agentNo-
Patch managementYesPatch Management & BCM agentNo-
Virtual InfrastructureYesCompliance & BCM agentNo-

Detailed attribute list scanned by BCM Inventory 

 For more details on the detailed attribute list scanned by BCM Inventoy, refer to the Inventory Types and Licenses.

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