Installing a BMC Client Management cluster for high availability

  1. Install the database client on each node. For more information, see corresponding database client documentation.
  2. On the currently active node, install BMC Client Management master server. For more information, see Installing BMC Client Management on-premises.
  3. On the other cluster nodes, create BMC Client Management agent service. To create the BMC Client Management service on other member nodes:
    • For Windows cluster, use the SC command. For example:

      sc create "BMC Client Management Agent" binPath= "f:\Program Files\BMC Software\Client Management\Master\bin\mtxagent.exe" DisplayName= "BMC Client Management Agent"
    • For Linux cluster: 
      • If you use initd, copy the /etc/init.d/BMCClientManagementAgent file to other node.
      • If you use systemd, copy the usr/lib/systemd/system/BMCClientManagementAgent.service file to other node and run the systemctl daemon-reload command on that node.

  4. In the \BMC Software\Client management\Client\config\mtxagent.ini file, set the StaticIPAddress parameter to include the IP address created by your cluster management system. For more information, see the relevant cluster management system documentation or contact their technical support.
  5. In the \BMC Software\Client management\Client\config\identity.ini file, in the [identity] section, add a hostname parameter and provide a value to it as follows:
    hostname = myMasterName.


    By default, the hostname parameter is not available in the identity.ini file. You need to add this parameter and provide a master server name.

    This name is displayed in the console all the time and not the name of the currently active cluster node.

  6. When rolling out agents, select your managed device, go to Agent Configuration > Module Configuration > File Store, and set the TrustedAddress parameter to include IP address of each member node of the cluster and the cluster itself. For more information about the TrustedAddress parameter, see Setting the File Store module parameters.

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