Enrolling mobile devices

Employees who use their mobile devices to access enterprise data need to enroll their devices. The IT administrator sends the enrollment invitation to employees, who need to enroll their mobile devices, with an enrollment link. You can use either your personal device, or the one, provided by your company.

After a mobile device is enrolled, the IT administrator can remotely perform operations to configure and manage the mobile device, such as:

  • set up Wi-Fi connection
  • set or reset a passcode
  • configure email accounts
  • install certificates and applications
  • lock or wipe (factory reset) the lost mobile device to prevent unauthorized access to the enterprise data

BMC Client Management supports management of the following Apple mobile devices:

  • iPod Touch 5th generation and later
  • iPhone 4S and later
  • iPad 2 and later (including iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini series)

BMC Client Management supports management of mobile devices running Android version 6.0 and later.

Before you begin

To enroll your mobile device, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • You have an active user account with a valid email address in the directory server
  • Your mobile device is connected to Internet
  • You have received the enrollment link (IT administrators sends out enrollment invitation with the enrollment link)


Contact your system administrator if you have not received the enrollment invitation.

Enrolling mobile device

You can enroll your mobile device by accessing the enrollment link shared by your IT administrator. If you are enrolling the Apple mobile device for the first time, you follow the link through you browser. It opens the enrollment wizard that prompts you to first installs the BMC Client Management Certificate Authority (CA) certificate and then enrolls the mobile device. You do not need this certificate to enroll an Android mobile device. 

Also, if you are opening the enrollment link from a device other than the mobile device you want to enroll, you should have a QR code scanning application (for example, QR Reader) installed on the mobile device to be enrolled. Alternatively, if you do not have a QR code scanning application, you can select the option to receive the links for adding the CA certificate and enrolling the mobile device in an email.


The links (as an alternative to scanning the QR) to install CA certificate and enroll mobile device are valid for single use only.

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