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With the average organization possessing dozens of business applications, the process of deploying and updating this software across all enterprise workstations becomes an endless task. Through its software packaging and deployment modules, BMC Client Management - Software Distribution is able to automate the tasks of distributing, installing, and configuring all enterprise software. Whether deploying or migrating operating systems, updating service packs or upgrading product versions, or rolling out virus protection patches, BMC Client Management - Software Distribution enables the fast and efficient distribution of software to all workstations simultaneously.

Using BMC Client Management - Software Distribution , you can control and manage software installation and distribution across the entire network with ease. The architecture supports pull systems whereby the individual CM agent s collect (or pull) software packages from the master and proceed to install and configure the software on the managed devices. The master is not encumbered by this process, because its role is minimized to the initiation of the overall distribution and to receiving progress information from the agents.

Creating ready-to-distribute packages is very easy using the BMC Client Management - Software Distribution. Software applications and the necessary customizations are automatically turned into packages with a few mouse clicks. In addition, the powerful Chilli language provides you with full control over any advanced changes or installations you want to carry out on the clients.

The automatic rollback function ensures that in case of unforeseeable problems the device configuration is reset to its original state before the software distribution started. The support for user profiles provides the possibility to distribute software to one or all user accounts. System files are updateable through use of the standard Windows reboot mechanism.

This video (8 mins 6 sec) describes how to create and distribute the RPM and MSI packages using the Software Distribution module in BMC Client Management.


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