Customizing BMC Client Management reports

The CM console comes with two different types of reports: style-based and template-based reports. Both types can be customized, however, while template-based reports are generated via a quite complicated XML file it is very easy to customize style-based reports according to your requirements.

Style-based reports are based on a layout type that defines the number of subreports the report contains and how these subreports are ordered on the displayed or printed page. The appearance of all subreports is based on a css style sheet.

You can customize the following elements of this report type:

BCM provides you the possibility to store more than one logo, so you can use different ones for different reports if necessary.

  1. Go to the [BMC Installation Directory]/data/Vision64Database/reports/common/images/logos/ directory.
    This directory contains all logos that can be used in reports. The default logo, BMC.png, comes with BCM.
  2. Either modify the existing logo or copy the new logo to this location.
    The logo file must be in .png format and have a size of 272 x91 pixels. If it is larger it will be cut down to the right size.
    The new or modified logo is now available via the Console and will appear in the drop-down list of the Logo box in the Properties window when creating a new or modifying and existing report.

Customizing report style sheet

BCM comes with two css style sheets:

  • Numara.css: This style sheet is the default css, it has a fixed width of 1024 pixels.
  • Compatible.css: This style sheet has the same values as the Numara.css sheet apart from the width which is not fixed. It is used for the existing reports after upgrading from a pre 10.1 version.

To customize style sheet,

  1. Go to the [BMC Installation Directory]/data/Vision64Database/reports/common/css directory.
    This directory contains all css files that may be used for the reports.
  2. Either modify the existing css file or copy the new css file to this location.
    The new or modified stylesheet is now applied to the reports. 
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