Creating a report

  1. Select Reports in the left window pane.
    If you want to create the new report within a reports folder, select the respective reports folder before continuing with step 2. 

  2. Select Edit > Create Report
    The Properties dialog box appears on the screen. For more information, see General reports data.
  3. Enter the desired data in the respective boxes.
  4. Click OK at the bottom of the window to confirm the data for the new report.

A new report was created. It directly displays in the table in the right window pane.

General reports data

The General tab presents in the right window pane the general information available for the selected report:




Displays the name of the report.

Report Title

The title of the report, that is, the heading that will be displayed at the top of the report.

Report Type

The type of the report, that is, if it is style- or template-based.

Report Style

The general layout of the report. This defines into how many subreports the report is divided into. This parameter is only available for style-based reports.

Subreport Count

The number of subreports contained in the report. This number is defined by the report style.

Font Size

Defines the font size for this report. This may be a number between 8 and 18.

Font Type

Defines the font type family for this report. This is also the font type used for the PDF generation.

Style Sheet

Defines the style sheet to use when displaying the report.


Defines if the default company logo or a custom defined one is to be included in the report output.

Time Zone

Defines the time zone which is to be used for the date shown in the generated report: Possible values are:

  • Greenwitch : The time is to be calculated on GMT
  • Master : The time preferences of the master server are to be applied
  • Administrator : Applies the time zone chosen in the user preferences by the administrator requesting the report generation.

Date Format

Defines if the execution date and time of the report is displayed on the page and in which format. The date is always located on top to the right of the page. You may select not to format the date by selecting None, in this case the date is displayed in the default format of MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss.


Defines the language in which the report output is to be generated. All console languages are available for this choice.


Defines the encoding to be used for report generation.

Report File Name

Defines the file name of the published report. If this field is empty, the file name of the report is generated with the date and time of its generation.

Public Report

Defines if the report is to be generally accessible via the Report Portal .

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