Connecting to a proxy server

For security reasons you can set up a proxy server to protect the devices in your network from attacks or to keep them anonymous. To make the Patch Manager download patches or update the Patch Knowledge Base, configure the proxy server login.


When you use a device as a patch manager and a scanner, the proxy remains the same. If you modify options after a proxy is defined, it is also applied to the other functionalities.

To configure Proxy Options:

  • Either go to Device Topology > Communication > Proxy Options.
  • Or click on the redirect link on the Patch Manager page to Proxy Options parameters.


Use Proxy Mode parameter to control proxy usage. Select one of the following options:

  • proxy_default: If configured, Patch Manager will use proxy settings. Target IP address does not belong to local subnets as per configuration.
  • proxy_force: If configured, Patch Manager uses proxy settings all the time.
  • proxy_never: Patch Manager never uses proxy settings even if it is configured.

For a fresh installation, the default value is proxy_default. To retain previous behavior, the default value for upgrades is proxy_force.

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  1. Abdullah Saleh

    Need the local subnet. i.e need to exclude 192.168.x.x so what is the format?

    Jan 24, 2023 01:01