Connected consoles

You can view the complete list of consoles that are currently connected to master from the Global Settings > Connected Consoles node. The view works as a sort of log file; every time a console window is opened on the master a new entry is created in this table with the respective information. Consoles that have not given a sign of life for a maximum of 20 minutes will be considered closed and erased from the list. This may occur when the console was not properly closed due to an electrical power outage for example.

The table of the Connected Consoles node provides the following information:



Administrator Login

The columns of this field display the login names with which someone is currently connected via the console to the master.

IP Address

The IP address of the device on which the console is open.

Last Verification

This column displays the date and time in the time format defined in the User Preferences at which the console ogon was initially validated and the console opened on the remote device and then is modified every time the console reports being open (every 10 minutes). If a console failed to check in to the master, the master will send a verification requires to the console after a maximum of 15 minutes; if the console does not answer it will be considered closed and removed from the list, if it answers the time value will be updated.

The information in this node is part of the Administrator capabilities, therefore this view will only be displayed for administrators with the View Administrators capability. Furthermore the administrator can only see those connected administrators on whom he has at least read access.

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