Configuring Windows Devices for Device Management

The first step when managing the peripherals of Windows devices it to configure the local device management module and make sure it is loaded on all Windows devices.

  1. Select the Operational Rules top node in the left window pane.
  2. Select Edit > Create Operational Rule .
    The Properties dialog box appears on the screen.


    If you want to create the new rule in a specific folder instead of under the operational rules top node see Option (a) now.

  3. Enter Device Management Configuration (or any other desired name) into the Name box and click OK to confirm.
  4. Select the newly created rule and go to the Steps tab.
  5. Select Edit > Add Step .
    The Select a Step pop-up window appears.
  6. Expand the item Agent Configuration and select step Load/Unload Module .
  7. Click Add .
    The Properties dialog box appears on the screen.
  8. From the drop-down list of the Module Name box select the Windows Device Management option.
  9. Leave all other options as they are.
  10. Click OK to confirm.
  11. Now select the step Windows Device Management Module Setup .
  12. Click Add .
    The Properties dialog box appears on the screen.
  13. Check the Log Events box.
  14. Click OK to confirm.
  15. Click OK again to confirm the list of defined steps for the operational rule and to close the window.
    The rule will now be created with the defined steps.
  16. Click the Assigned Objects , then Assigned Device Groups node in the left window pane under your newly created operational rule.
  17. Select Assign Device Group .
    A confirmation window appears.
  18. Click Yes to automatically launch the rule.
  19. The Select a Device Group pop-up window appears.
  20. Select the group All Devices .
    The device group will be added to the table in the right pane with the status Activated .

Once the status of all its members, that you can see under the subnode All Devices , displays as Executed , the devices are ready for device management.

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