Configuring Windows Device Management

Like most other modules, Windows Device Management is configured via the Agent Configuration of the respective device.

The following topics provide more information about configuring device management:

Configuring the Windows Device Management

The Windows Device Management node defines the configuration parameters of the Device Management module as it is configured for this device.

To modify the settings of the module, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Device Groups> Your Managed Device> Agent Configuration in the left window pane.
  2. Select any line in the table in the right window pane of the respective subnode.
  3. Select Edit> Properties
    The Properties window appears.
  4. Make the desired modifications to the individual values.
  5. Click OK to confirm the modifications and close the window.

Generated events

All alerts and events that are generated for the Windows Device Management can be viewed locally under the Event Management tab of Agent Configuration node of the respective device. The tab displays all events which were logged at agent level and currently stored in the local database. It displays the following information about the individual events:



Event Date

The date and time at which the device management action, was executed, for example, a USB storage device was connected.


This field displays the type of event that occurred, that is, the screen saver was activated, the device was put in hibernation, and so on.

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