Configuring the instant messaging recording parameters

BMC Client Management enables you to store the chat conversations between the help-desk agents and end users.

It is not possible to record a chat history manually. It is essential to configure the automatic recording options to record the chat conversations.

To configure the instant messaging parameters

Configuring the instant messaging parameters is only possible in the Java console. 

  1. In the Java console, click Global Settings > Instant Messaging.
  2. Select the Configuration tab.
  3. Double-click any row or right-click any row and click Properties.
    The Properties dialog box is displayed.
  4. Edit the required values and click OK.



    Recording manager

    Select a device managing instant messages recording. Click the  button and select a device.

    Storage path for the conversations

    Select a location in the recording manager's file system to store the chat history. Click the  button, and choose a location or enter the location manually.

    Recording time to live (days)Specify the time (in days) to save the the chat history. After this length of time, the system automatically deletes the recording. You can choose a value between 0 and 9999 days. If you set this value to 0, videos are not deleted automatically.
    Automatic RecordingSelect this option if you want to activate automatic recording of the instant messages.

To view the chat history

Chat history is stored in and accessible from the Java and web console. The following sections describe the steps to view the chat conversations from the Java and wen console. 

From the Java console

  • Click Global Settings > Instant Messaging Recordings.

From the web console

  • From the Welcome page, click Instant Messaging Recordings.

A list of all the recorded conversations is displayed. Click View to view the recorded conversations without downloading them. It opens the chat history and views the conversation. This option is specific to the web console. It is not available in the Java console.

To filter the chat conversations

The Java and web consoles enables you to limit the search result by using the advanced filter. You can filter the result by the device name and/or date range.

Java consoleWeb console

The following actions are possible if you right-click the recorded conversations:



Lock recordingLocks the recording to prevent it being deleted.
Unlock recordingsUnlocks the recording.
Delete recordingsDeletes the recording.
DownloadDownloads the recording on the location you have specified. You can download multiple recordings at a time. The recordings are downloaded in JSON format.
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