Configuring custom compliance

Contrary to the majority of the other CM modules, the configuration of the Custom Compliance module is not done via the Agent Configuration of the device but directly under the main compliance node via its own Configuration node.


Be aware that this node will not be displayed if you do not have the Configure Compliance capability.

Under this node you can configure the following:

  • The general settings of the compliance behavior via its parameters.
  • You can also define constants that are to be used with the compliance rules
  • In addition you can define for which rules or groups assigned to rules alerts are to be generated.

The General Parameters of Custom Compliance

This tab provides the access to the module specific parameters and their values.



Evaluation Frequency (min)

Defines the interval in minutes at which the compliance rules is newly evaluated.

If a value, X for example, is specified the rules are evaluated every X minutes. If the value is set to 0, the rules are evaluated manually.

The rules are never evaluated at master startup.

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