Configuring assigned scans

You can view detailed information about all scans that are defined and scheduled for the currently selected scanner from the Assigned Scans node. Scan folders are created as organisational containers for the different scans. They can contain any number of scans for execution on your system.

This topic includes:

To create a scan

To create a new scan by individually defining its components, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Asset Discovery > Scanners > (your scanner) > Assigned Scans.
  2. Click Edit> Create Scan.
    The Properties dialog box appears.
  3. Enter the desired data into the respective boxes.
  4. Click OK at the bottom of the window to confirm the data for the new scan or click Cancel to abandon without modifications and to close the window.
    The new scan will automatically be created and be displayed in the right window pane. By default, the scan is scheduled to run immediately.

To view schedule details

After the scan is created, you need to configure the schedule, activate it, and assign or reassign it. You can also control the scan operations. Th Assigned Schedule tab provides detailed information about each of the assigned scans:




This column displays the list of names of all scans created for the currently selected scanner.


The fields of this column display the status of the each scan.

Last Status Update Time

This time value indicates at which date and time the status previously displayed was updated by the target's agent for the last time.


This field shows the condition on which the scan will start executing on the targets.


The fields of this column display the frequency with which the scan will be executed on the assigned device.


This field displays when the scan execution is scheduled to be terminated, that is, when the scan is to be run for the definitely last time of the current scheduling cycle.

Time of Assignment

This field displays the date and time at which the assignment between the objects was created in the database.

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