Cloud architecture

Standard architecture is a master with several relays and then more relays or clients directly below. Numbers depend on the size of the infrastructure and the performance. In a SaaS environment this type of architecture might lead to issues, as Client Management has several bandwidth consuming functionalities, such as patching or deploying of operating systems and applications. BMC, therefore recommends to have only one first-level or master relay in your network directly below the master, which is located in the cloud. This master relay then takes over all the roles the master is assigned by default and thus limit network traffic between the customer network and the cloud.

For detailed information on the secure communication between main relay and master, see Configuring SSL for BMC Client Management.



Running BMC Client Management on various commercial cloud platforms is supported by BMC as long as it uses dedicated VMs configured to meet the system requirements for on-premises systems.  This excludes the use of database as service options like Azure Database.

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