Chatting with the end users

The direct access tools enables you to chat with the selected device. BMC Client Management administrator can define instant recording manager to store the conversations between help-desk agents and end users. For more information about this configuration, see Configuring the instant messaging recording parameters.

You will need the Direct Access license to use this feature. For more information about importing the licenses, see Importing the licenses and license types. For more information about capabilities and access rights required for this feature, see Managing access rights and capabilities for specific cases.

To open the instant messenger

The instant messaging option in the Java console can be accessed by any of the following ways:

From the Device Topology or Device Group node, right-click and select Direct Access Tools Instant Messaging.

From the Device Topology node, right-click and select Direct Access Tools > Instant Messaging.

From the remote control tool bar, click Launch an instant messenger with the remote end-user.

From the remote control node, right-click and select Direct Access Tools > Instant Messaging.

Click the Instant Messaging button from toolbar when you are remotely connected to a device.

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