BMC Helix Single Sign-On parameters

The Remedy SSO tab of Global Settings > System Variables page defines specific parameters required to integrate BMC Client Management with  server.

As a BMC Client Management administrator, you must get the following settings from a  administrator. The following parameters are required to configure  with BMC Client Management:


Defines whether the server authentication is activated.


Enter the URL for the server. The server URL must begin with https and have the same domain as the BMC Client Management master server. For example, use and


A realm is a virtual identity provider used to authenticate a domain. Contact your administrator for the Realm ID.

Product Identifier

Defines the identifier for BMC Client Management. The identifier must be unique for each application that provides authentication through server.

RSSO Token revalidation period

Enter the revalidation period in minutes. For more information, contact your administrator. 

Certificate Authority Bundle

Configures the list of certificate authorities that BMC Client Management must trust when connecting to a server.

Server Certificate

Defines the server certificate to accept when connecting to the server.

Cookie name

Enter the name of the cookie to prevent the CheckConfig web service from collecting it. 

Disable Client Management authentication

You can disable the Web console login throughBMC Client Management if only authentication should be used.

Select the checkbox to disable BMC Client Management authentication.

Disable case sensitiveness in RSSO login name 

Sometimes a login name in and BMC Client Management can differ in case, for example, Demo and demo. You can disable case sensitivity checks on the login name supplied by so that it matches the login name recognized by BMC Client Management.

Select the checkbox to disable case sensitivity checks on the login name.

For more information on configuring  server with BMC Client Management, see Integrating with BMC Helix Single Sign-On.

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