Best practices for client and relay agent logging

To capture more errors in the log file, you must enable the additional logging. To do that, you have to modify the logging attributes. On clients and relays, the logging attributes are set by default for rollout configurations.

To modify the logging attributes

  1. From the Device Topology or Device Groups node, select your device and click Agent Configuration > Logging.
  2. Double-click any row. The Properties window is displayed.
  3. Change the values and click OK.

BMC recommends you to set the Maximum Agent Log File count attribute to 20 for client and 50 for relays.

For clients, if the Maximum Agent Log Size (Bytes) attribute is 3 MB each, then 20 files of 3 MB generate 60 MB of mtxagent.log file. This size does not consume a lot of disk space. This change ensures higher chances of any error to be captured in the logs before the logs are overwritten.

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