Asset discovery via wizard

Asset Discovery scans can also be configured and executed via the provided wizard.

The wizard can either use existing objects to execute or it can create new ones. Be aware, that to create new objects you need the manage capability for the top node of the respective object or at least one of its folders. By default objects created with the wizard will be located directly under the object‘s top node. If you do not have access to this node the new object will be created in the first folder for which you do have access rights. Otherwise, that is, if you do not have access to any of the objects of the type the object created via the wizard will be stored under the Lost and Found node. However, you now also have the possibility to specify the target directory for the newly created objects.

The Asset Discovery wizard is available under the main Asset Discovery node and on the main Wizards menu which is always present, thus can be called at any moment.

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