Advertising an Operational Rule

After creating an Operational Rule , you have two possibilities of distributing it in your network: either selecting devices and assigning it to them according to your schedule, or advertising it to devices .

By advertising an Operational Rule you do not force its execution; instead the Operational Rule is added to MyApps in the Agent Interface . The user of the device is informed that a new Operational Rule is available and it's the user's choice if and when to execute it.

  1. Click the Wizards > Operational Rule Distribution menu item.
    The Operational Rule Distribution Wizard dialog box appears.
  2. Click Start Search next to the Name text box.
  3. In the Select an Operational Rule dialog select your Operational Rule , for example, Launch Calculator, and click OK .
    The dialog closes and the name of the Operational Rule is entered in the text box.
  4. From the Assignment Type list, select Publish the operational rule to MyApps for on demand execution .
  5. From the Target Type list, select your desired target type and click Next .
  6. Click Assign .
  7. Click All , select the target to which you want to advertise the Operational Rule and click OK .
    The dialog closes and the target is listed.
  8. Click Finish to advertise the Operational Rule .
    The dialog closes and the Confirmation dialog box appears.
  9. Select the Go to Operational Rule radio button and click OK .
    The dialog closes and the Operational Rule displays under the Operational Rule node.
  10. Go to Operational Rules > Your Operational Rule (Launch Calculator) > Assigned Objects > Your Target and wait until the status is Published .On the screen of the target, the icon of the CM agent in the notification area of the task bar changes to indicating that a new Operational Rule is available and a tooltip will appear informing you of this fact on Windows and Mac OS devices.

You advertised an Operational Rule to your target and thus made it available to the local users on MyApps.

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