Adding a customized menu to devices

When right-clicking an object in the left or right window pane, a context menu opens. The available items in the menu depend on the object and the position in the console . You can expand options for devices by adding a Customized Menu.

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A Customized Menu is an additional menu for devices in the Console with which you can quickly execute customized actions. You can create one Customized Menu, which comprises three different item types:

  • Executable: Launchs an executable file
  • HTTP: Opens a web page in the browser
  • Command Line: Executes a command in the command line

In the console, you can find a Customized Menu in different places. To execute an existing Customized Menu item, in the left window pane right-click a device and select the Customized Menus option.

The icon next to a Customized Menu item indicates its type:

  • = Executable
  • = HTTP
  • = Command Line

Creating a customized menu

  1. Go to Global Settings> System Variables and ensure that the Device Menu tab is selected.
  2. Click Create Device Menu.
    The Properties dialog box appears.
  3. From the Menu Type drop-down list, select the item type and fill in the two text boxes.
    The following three examples illustrate possible applications:




    Menu Type

    Example 1

    Open your web page

    http://www. yourwebpage .com


    Example 2

    Open Editor



    Example 3

    Open Registry Editor


    Command Line

  4. Click OK .
    The dialog closes and the new Customized Menu item is listed in the right window pane. You can add more items by repeating the steps.

Launching a customized menu

After creating a new Customized Menu, you can launch its items.

  1. In the left window pane, right-click a device .
  2. In the context menu, select Customized Menus and click the item you created.
    The defined operation is executed.

You launched a Customized Menu item. You can access your Customized Menu from any device in the left window pane.

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