Accessing and navigating the BMC Client Management web console

By using the BMC Client Management web console, you can access the devices via a web browser. The web console enables you to:

  • view the device information such an overview of the device, its detailed properties, and all types of inventories,
  • connect to a device remotely and record the remote session,
  • transfer the files between your local device and remote device,
  • audit the device, and
  • perform actions like pinging, rebooting, waking up, and shutting down a device,
  • load, unload the agent modules,
  • add and manage alerts and events.

For information on the URLs for launching the web console, see Launching the web console for device access.

This BMC Client Management video (4 mins 3 secs) describes how to manage devices by using the web console.–x7JfKq79I

This section includes the following topics:

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