Assigning the compliance rule to a device group and evaluating its members

  1. Click the Assigned Objects , then Device Groups node in the left window pane under your newly created compliance rule.
  2. Click Assign Device Group .
  3. Select a device group from the list, for example, All Devices .
    The group will be added to the table in the right pane.
  4. Select the subnode of the group, for example, All Devices .
    It displays all members of the group and their evaluation status.
  5. Click Evaluate .The group's members are directly evaluated and the overall result is indicated in each device's Compliance icon.


    Be aware that this might take a while, depending on the overall load and group size. The newly evaluated data is displayed when you click Refresh or after the automatic refresh interval has elapsed.

    The group is now assigned to the compliance rule and its members are evaluated for their compliance to the defined criteria.
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