This section provides information and instructions for administrating BMC Client Management.

The following table provides links to the relevant topics based on your goals:

Manage global settings, manage, import, and evaluate licenses, manage administrators, administrator groups, and capabilities, manage system variables, manage reboot windows, manage directory servers

Managing global settings

Manage security, security components, security operations and principles, security profiles, predefined administrator groups, access rights and capabilities for specific cases

Managing security

Use tools for administering BMC Client Management, send an email containing the contents of a console window to another person, import Out-of-the-Box objects and report templates

BMC Client Management tools

Group clients based on administrator-defined criteria using queries

Managing queries

Review information about all objects in the database using reports, create and delete a report or a report folder, manage report options, preview, assign, generate, publish a report, view report results, schedule report generation

Managing reports

Manage events and alerts, configure alert notifications

Managing events and alerts

Configure automatic update of BMC Client Management as per requirement

Managing update configurations

Configure asset discovery, manage scan configurations, add existing devices as targets, configure target lists

Configuring asset discovery

Configure the local device management module

Configuring Windows Devices for Device Management

View or modify configurations remotely and directly for the selected device, update the agent communication parameters

Configuring agent

Configure power management module

Configuring device settings for power management

Configure remote access to the devices

Configuring remote access

Configure the diagnostic tool module

Configuring the diagnostic tool

Configure operational rules as per requirements

Configuring operational rules

Review configuration parameters of different types of inventory

Setting up inventory

Configure necessary financial data or values for devices in network

Configuring financial asset management

Configure patching as per requirements

Configuring patch management

Configure Windows Device Management

Configuring Windows Device Management

Configure compliance management

Configuring compliance management

Configure mobile device management

Configuring mobile device management

Prevent local user from stopping or starting the agent service

Locking BMC Client Management Agent service

Customizing the end-user dialogs to provide a personalized experience

Customizing the end-user dialogs to provide a personalized experience

Updates to Security Products Inventory and Virtual Infrastructure Management

Updates to Security Products Inventory and Virtual Infrastructure Management

Addressing data privacy requests

Addressing data privacy requests

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