21.02.02 enhancements

Review the fixes and updates in BMC Client Management 21.02.02 that might impact your users.

This video (4 mins 2 sec) gives you an overview of the enhancements in BMC Client Management 21.02.02.


Updates in 21.02.02 

Instant messaging with the end users

BMC Client Management enables the help-desk agents to chat with the end users to understand and resolve the issues quickly. For example, if the users are unable to install a software, they contact the help-desk agents. The agents use BMC Client Management to chat with the end user to troubleshoot the issue. They can remotely connect with the end user's device before, after, or during the chat.

BMC Client Management administrators can configure the instant messaging manager on which the conversations between help-desk agents and end users are stored.

For more information about this feature, see Chatting with the end users via the web console.

Categorize operational rules in MyApps

BMC Client Management enables you to create tags and attach them to the operational rules. These tags categorize the operational rules into different groups. After publishing these operational rules to MyApps, they are associated with different categories. This categorization helps the users to browse software or application quickly by using the categories and to install all software or applications in one category at a time. For information about creating tags, see Managing tags and Adding tags to operational rules. For more information about MyApps, see Working with MyApps.

Manage agent modules by using the web console

BMC Client Management enables you to load or unload the agent modules to the selected device in the web console so that you can use the functionality associated with the loaded module. For example, to use the Patch Management features on a device, you need to load the Patch Management module on the target device by using the web console. For more information about this feature, see Managing agent modules via web console.

Manage alerts and events by using the web console

BMC Client Management enables you to manage the alerts and events associated with a device by using the web console to quickly visualize the general state of the device. For more information about this feature, see Managing events and alerts by using the web console.

Generate style-based PDF reports

BMC Client Management enables you to generate style-based reports in the PDF format. You must have Chrome, Chromium or Edge Chromium installed to generate the style-based reports. A new parameter Chromium-based Browser Executable Path is added to the reports system variables. This parameter defines the complete path to the browser's executable. The Time Zone parameter is also added that defines the time zone to be used for the dates displayed in the generated report. For more information about these new parameters, see Managing report settings.

For the Windows devices, you must have Chrome installed to generate the style-based PDF reports.

Patch Management enhancements

The following enhancements are made to the Patch Management module:

  • In the user preferences, the Only reboot if requested by patch parameter is modified. It is now possible to display a popup even if no patch requires a reboot after the installation is complete by selecting the Display message if no reboot parameter. For example, a popup indicating the patch process is over and no reboot is needed. You can specify the heading and content of the message to be displayed on the popup.
  • If there are more than four weeks in a month, it is possible to schedule the  patch job for all the weeks.
  • The Next Window information is updated each time the patch job is evaluated. 

  • The Currently in a window field is added to the patch job. It states whether the patch job is currently in a window or not.

  • A new configurable parameter The path of the script to run after setup is complete (Windows 10) is added to the patch group installation parameters. When you are upgrading Windows 10 by using Patch Management, this option enables you to run a script after the Windows setup is complete.
  • Patch jobs or patch groups containing patches that need to be downloaded from the vendors first cannot be deployed. To avoid this, a new option Exclude patch acquired from vendor is added. Selecting this option ignores the patches that are acquired from a vendor and ensures that the patch jobs and patch groups are deployed successfully.

Other updates

Asset discovery improvements

The asset discovery scanning performance is significantly improved. Typical scans now take 88% less time to complete. For example, a scan of 3,100 targets that previously took 18 hours to complete can now be completed in just 3 hours. This increase in scalability reduces the infrastructure costs (fewer scanners needed) and ensures that scans are completed within the target windows. The enhancements made to the asset discovery module are listed below:

  • Removed the Chilli executables from memory if the script timeout is reached.
  • Changed the TcpTimedWaitDelay and MaxUserPort registry parameters to avoid blocking situations.
  • Updated the inference rules engine to use red-black trees instead of the hash tables. This reduces the memory footprint and prevents the collections from periodically growing.
  • Improved the Linux operating system detection through SSH.
  • Improved the Chilli scripts logs. 
  • Removed the use of optional keys.
  • Redesigned the scan phase.
  • Better support for IPv6.
  • Improved split in hosts ranges.
  • Added the scan statistics.
  • Improved the software inventory filters application.

SCAP 1.3 Certification

The SCAP features in BMC Client Management have been enhanced to comply with the technical specification for the SCAP version 1.3, however, the certification is still under progress.

Install BCM agent on macOS and Linux without root access

As the root user is often disabled on Linux and macOS for security reasons, you can use a non-root user to roll out the agents. This is applicable for the push and pull rollout methods.

Support for Apple Silicon M1 chip

BMC Client Management version 21.02 is not natively compatible with Apple Silicon M1 chip available on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac. The macOS executables are enhanced to support this new architecture. These executables now contain universal binaries and are compatible with old as well as new architecture.

(On premises onlyDownloading and installing the patch

SaaS application patching

BMC applies patches during  Maintenance windows Open link .

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