Working with MyApps

MyApps is a part of the Client Management Interface provided to the end users for accessing the device inventory, installing software, and accessing requests without going to any website or submitting the help-desk forms. You can view a list of all advertised software packages and operational rules which are available for download and installation on the local client. For information on how to advertise an operational rule on MyApps, see Advertising an Operational Rule.

IT resources can advertise available software applications, advanced actions, and quick links for the end-users. MyApps acts as a self-service for end users which they can use as per their schedule. It also reduces the dependency on the IT resources.

To access MyApps

You can access MyApps by using any one of the following options:

  • To access the MyApps page via the Client Management Interface, enter the following address into your browser:

    http://<client name>:<console port number>/standalone

    The Home page for Client Management Interface is displayed. From this page, navigate to MyApps.

  • To directly access the MyApps page, enter the following address into your browser.

    http://<client name>:<console port number>/MyApps

    for example,

  • Double-click the BCM agent icon on your local system. 

The MyApps page is displayed in your browser window as shown in the following image. 

The MyApps page has the following five tabs.

Available SoftwareThis tab displays the software ready to be installed. To install a particular software, click Install.

Available ActionsThis tab displays the actions assigned to you. To perform a particular action, click Run / Re-Run.

Installed SoftwareThis tab displays the software installed on your device.

Quick LinksThis tab displays the links available for quick access to various applications. To perform a particular action, click Open.

AllThis tab displays all the information available in other tabs.


MyApps provides you access to the device inventory and quick links. What more you can do with MyApps depends on the type of license you have. The software distribution license provides you access to the available software, available actions, and installed software. Without this license, you can access only the quick links.

To access the device inventory

You can access the device inventory by using any one of the following options.

  • From MyApps:
    1. On MyApps, click Administration on the top left corner.
      The Home page is displayed.
    2. Open the Inventory tab. This tab shows the device inventory.
  • From the Client Management Interface, open the Inventory tab. 
    The Inventory page is displayed.

    You can access hardware, software, custom, and security settings inventory. Click the respective option to see the details.
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