Viewing information about managed mobile devices

After a mobile device is enrolled for mobile device management, the IT administrator can audit the mobile device to collect the inventory. After the inventory data is uploaded, you can view the detailed information about the mobile device in the console. The IT administrators can also configure the mobile device management to regularly collect the latest inventory of the managed mobile devices for organizational or legal compliance. After selecting a mobile device in the left pane, the IT administrator can launch audit to collect latest information about the mobile device and perform remote operations such as install or remove applications, directly lock, unlock, or wipe (factory reset) the mobile device, and so on.

The following screenshot shows basic information about a mobile device:

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The section includes the following topics: 

To upload and view the inventory of a managed mobile device

For a managed mobile device, you can view the following information:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Security settings
  • System settings

For a complete list of inventory attributes, see Inventory Types and Licenses.

  1. In the left pane, select Mobile Device Management > Mobile Devices > Managed Mobile Devices > mobileDeviceName > Inventory.
    The Asset Summary tab displays the information from the last inventory. 
  2. In the right pane, click Audit Now to collect and upload the latest inventory.
    When the device connects to the internet, the following commands are assigned to the mobile device:
    • Update Device Information
    • Update Device Security
    • Update Installed Applications

    The information collected from these commands is uploaded to BMC Client Management and displayed under the Inventory node. The Inventory Status tab displays the last inventory update date and time and inventory license information.

To view and manage the assigned objects of a managed mobile device

Different objects can be assigned to or unassigned from managed mobile devices. These objects include licensed software, compliance rules, and commands. For a managed mobile device, you can view the details about each object, assign new objects, or unassign existing objects:

  • Licensed software: Assign licensed software to a mobile device only if it is required; otherwise, unassign it.
  • Compliance rules: Assign compliance rules to generate inventory reports that are required for organizational or statutory compliance policies. For more information about compliance rules, see Managing compliance.
  • Commands: Assign commands (and also check command execution status) to perform remote operations on the managed mobile devices. For more information about commands, see Performing remote operations on managed mobile devices.

Example of assigning an object (licensed software)

 The following example explains how you can assign a new licensed software to a managed mobile device:

  1. In the left pane, select Mobile Device Management > Mobile Devices > Managed Mobile Devices > mobileDeviceName > Assigned Objects > Licensed Software
  2. Right-click anywhere in the right pane and select Assign Licensed Software.
  3. In the Assign Licensed Software dialog box, search or browse and select the required licensed software and click OK.
    The licensed software is assigned to the device.

Similarly, you can assign compliance rules and commands.

To view the financial information of a managed mobile device

Like any other device, you can view financial information of a managed mobile device. The financial information view of a device provides the IT administrators an insight into the total cost of ownership and the current device lifecycle status. Based on this information, the IT administrators can make informed decision about when they need to replace a device. For more information about financial information of an asset, see Managing financial information for assets.

  • To view financial information, select Mobile Device Management > Mobile Devices > Managed Mobile Devices > mobileDeviceName > Financial Asset Management.
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