Using the agent web interface

BMC Client Management provides access to the agents locally via a browser interface. This agent interface provides access to some of the agent's functionalities that are to be executed by the local user, such as installing specific software or running scripts locally. It also provides access to specific local settings and information, such as inventories, privacy and public reports.

To access and log on to the agent web interface

To access all pages of the local agent interface, you must log on as an administrator. To access the agent user interface, right-click the agent icon  in the system tray and select the Agent Interface option. You can also directly enter the agent's address in the browser window in the following format:

http://<host name>:<console port number>

For example: http://scotty:1611 or http://localhost:1611


You can enter the host name either as its short or full network name such as scotty or , or in the form of its IP address. Be aware that when you use IPv6, you need to put square brackets around the IP address. For example, [2001:db8:85a3:8d3:1319:8a2e:370:7348]:1611.

The browser displays the login screen in which you must provide a valid login to the local device or the BMC Client Management agent.

Depending on the provided login, you have access to the following pages:

Page\UserLocal userClient agent

In addition to these the interface pages, there are a number of pages which can only be accessed directly and not through the interface:

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