The Agent Rollout wizard 2 - Defining general parameters before rolling out the agent

This window is one of the two mandatory wizard steps that are always part of the rollout configuration, because it defines is basic parameters. The following parameters must be defined for a rollout to work:

  1. Enter a name into the respective text box.
  2. If the rollout is to be made available on the browser interface page of the Rollout Server, enter a name for the auto-extractable file.

General Parameters



Auto-extractable Name

Enter the name of the autoextractible rollout file, if the rollout is to be also available for download on the Rollout Server agent interface, for example, FPAC_XP32BitUninstall.exe .

Silent mode Installation

Check this box if the agent installation is to be executed without any user information windows on the target device. This parameter is only applicable for Windows targets.

Rollout Type

Select from this list the type of the rollout that is to be executed, that is, a new agent installation (Install), a reinstallation or repair (Reinstall) or removing the agent (Uninstall) or the agentless remote control (Remote Control) from one or more devices.

Operating System

Define the operating system type for the rollout targets, they are grouped by type.

Installation Directory

Enter the directory path into which the agent is installed on the target devices, for example, /usr/local/bmc-software/client-management/client . It is possible to configure an installation path starting with an environment variable, for example, $[ProgramFiles]BMC SoftwareClient ManagementClient .

Agent Service Name

The name of the BCM agent service.

Start service after rollout

Uncheck this box if the agent service is not to be started directly after the successful rollout.

Service Startup Type

Defines the startup type of the agent service, possible values are Automatic to automatically start the agent at every device restart and Manual otherwise. This option is only applicable to Windows operating systems.

Rollout Password

Generates secure executable. This parameter is optional. For more information on the secure executable, see Downloading and installing a rollout from a server.

This can be necessary if the rollout is assigned to devices that cannot be accessed directly by the rollout. This can be the case, if they are in another domain or behind a firewall or for any number of other reasons. For these cases the install package must be downloaded from the Rollout Server page of the server's agent browser interface and executed locally.

  1. Select the operating system for which the rollout is to be created.
  2. (Optional) If another than the default directory is to be used, define the installation directory.
  3. (Optional) If another than the default name is to be used, define the agent service name and define its startup type.
  4. Click Next to go to the following wizard page.
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