The Agent Rollout wizard 11 - Scheduling the rollout

Now that the rollout and the members were defined, it must be scheduled to execute at a specific time. By default it is scheduled to execute once and immediately. If this is your choice you do not need to make any modifications in this window. To schedule the rollout for a specific moment proceed as follows:

  1. Check the Available on Rollout Server box, if the rollout is to be made available on the Rollout server (that is, if you have target devices that cannot be reached directly by the rollout).
  2. Select the Allow 32 bit Agent Installations on 64 bit Architecture box.
  3. If the rollout targets are Windows devices select the connection mode that is to be used from the Windows Connection Mode list.
  4. In the Assignment Date box select at what moment the assignment to the target devices is to be launched. The assignment in this case means that the link between the rollout and the target is established and the rollout package will be sent.
  5. Select the Validity tab.
  6. Define in the Execution Date box at what moment the rollout is to be launched for the first time.
  7. Define in the Termination box defines when the rollout is to be run for the last time.
  8. Select the Frequency tab. Here you can define the exact day, time or frequency at which the rollout is to be launched on the target. To run the rollout more than once only makes sense, if you expect that some rollout execution tentatives might not succeed at the first try due to specific reasons.
  9. If you have specified to create a task , click Next to continue or click Finish to confirm all settings, create the rollout as defined and launch its execution.
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