The Agent Rollout wizard 1 - Specifying core setup configuration

The first step allows you to specify which aspects of an agent rollout require specific configuration and for which the default values can be used.

  1. For the first question select the type of rollout to be executed from the list. Depending on your choice a number of the following questions might be dimmed.
  2. Answer the following questions by checking or leaving the check box unselected. Checking the box adds the respective step to the wizard in which you need to provide information.
  3. If you selected to create a task for this operation, the Create Task box displays and, if tasks of type Agent Rollout exist, you can also select to add this rollout to one of the existing tasks by checking the Use Existing Task box and selecting it from the list.
  4. After you have answered all questions click Next to start the rollout configuration.
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