System requirements

Depending on the architecture, the hardware and software requirements must be met before on-premises and cloud installation of BMC Client Management components.

Database prerequisites

The BMC Client Management setup offers the possibility to install MS SQL Server Express on the master server for Windows platforms that have no database engine already installed on their network. MS SQL Server Express is installed during master server installation. If you have a version of MS SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL already installed, you must ensure that the following prerequisites are fulfilled before starting the Client Management setup process:

Miscellaneous prerequisites

If your company's internal standards differ from the general way of dealing with data in BMC Client Management, you can keep the software core data and generated data separate. You must consider this before the master installation to allow for the differences.

Keeping software core data and generated data separate

All data that is generated by BMC Client Management is located in a directory called <InstallDir>/master/data . To take this directory out of the installation directory, create an empty partition and change the path of this partition in the disk management mmc. Then select the data folder (the folder must be empty; otherwise you cannot select it).

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