Setting the Reboot Management parameters

The parameters defined in this section define the default reboot settings.


Default value


Non-intrusive Reboot Mode


Check this box if the reboot requested by an operational rule or a patch installations is to be effected in a non-intrusive way. If activated, any rule or patch waits after its execution for a specified amount of time for another object to arrive to combine their required reboot requests into one. If no other rule or patch arrives, the device is rebooted as defined.

Reboot Interval


Defines the waiting time in seconds that the agent waits after receiving the reboot command and executing it. If the rollout is of type uninstall, it is recommended to reboot the device after the uninstall has terminated.

Max. Number of Reboots


Specifies the maximum number of times a device can be rebooted per day. The default value is 2 reboots per day, 99 is the maximum number of times a device can be rebooted per day. 0 deactivates this option, that is, the device is not rebooted, even if a patch requests it or it is assigned a reboot window; all reboots must be launched manually.

Synchronize at Startup


Check this box if the reboot windows are to be synchronized at every startup of the agent. In this case the local agent compares its list of reboot windows with the master list and updates it accordingly by downloading missing reboot windows, updating modified ones and deleting removed ones.

Additional Automatic Synchronization Hour


Enter here the hour at which an additional reboot window synchronization is to be effected, that is, the comparison of locally available reboot window with the reboot window master list. The format is 24-hour format, for example, 23 for 11 pm .

Minimum Gap between Two Automatic Synchronizations (sec)


Defines the minimum interval in seconds at which the reboot window synchronisations are to be done. This means that if a default synchronisation is executed at 23:00 at night and the client is started at 6 am with agent startup synchronisation defined, no synchronisation will be executed until at least 11 am even if the agent is started/restarted before, as the interval is fixed for 12 hours minimum.

Force Reboot with Full Screen ActivatedFalseDefines if the reboot will be performed in case of an application running in the full screen mode.
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