Setting the Agent Configuration parameters

To modify the settings of any aspect of the agent configuration, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Device Groups> Your Managed Device> Agent Configuration in the left window pane.

  2. Select any line in the table in the right window pane of the respective subnode.
  3. Select Edit> Properties .
    The Properties window appears.
  4. Make the desired modifications to the individual values.

    Configuration TypeDescription
    SecurityThe parameters in this node define the options for secure agent communication. This includes the way the agents communicate between each other and the certificates being used for secure communication. For Windows devices, the access to the MyApps can also be defined.
    CommunicationThe parameters under this node define the basic access settings for the communication between the agents and agent and console, such as the different ports of communication, the timeouts for different types of communication and the frame and connection queue sizes.
    User InterfaceThese parameters define the settings for the application kiosk MyApps. If packages are advertised to a device, they will appear in the system tray. If not, a message will be displayed on the local device.
    Reboot ManagementThe parameters defined in this section define the default reboot settings which are used by the BMC Client Management - Patch Management .

    The Logging node provides access to the log files of the agent via its Parameters tab. The parameters in this view define the basic settings for log files of the software, that is, the values specify the contents of granularity of the log files and their output location for example. This also includes the log file sizes and numbers, which types of entries are to be logged, the time format, if alerts are to be sent in case of logged errors, etc.

    Module Configuration

    See the Managing agent modules section.

  5. Click OK to confirm the modifications and close the window.
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