Recording a remote control session

Once you have established a remote control session, you can choose to record it. 


You need administrative rights to record a remote control session.

Secure access to recordings

You can only view the recordings for a device if you can remotely control that device and you have read access to the video manager. You can only lock, unlock, or delete a recording if you can remotely control that device, manage remote control access to that device, and you have read access to the video manager. For more information, see Managing access rights and capabilities for specific cases.

Remote control access request

When you launch a remote control session and start recording, the end user is informed by a warning on the Remote Control Access Request. The end user has the following options:

  • Allow full control
  • Allow view only
  • Decline

If the end user does not select any of these options, the connection is automatically declined after the timeout period.

If the end user selects Allow full control, you can start the recording. When the recording starts, the  icon is displayed on the popup. 

When you launch the recording, free space on the hard drive of the remote device is checked. If the free space is lower than 100 MB, a popup is displayed to the administrator indicating the recording is not possible. During the recording, if free space becomes lower than 100 MB, recording is stopped and a popup is displayed to the administrator indicating the recording is not possible.

To record a remote control session

  1. Click  from the toolbar to start the recording.

  2. Click  from the toolbar to stop the recording.

The recording starts automatically if you select the automatic recording option when configuring the remote control recording. For more information, see Configuring remote control recording.

When a recording is in progress,  icon is displayed on the toolbar. 

To view the recorded videos

  • Click Global Settings > Remote Control Recordings > Recordings.
    A list of all the recorded videos is displayed.

The Disc Space pane shows the disc space used by the recordings. The Filters pane enables you to search for the recording by device name and/or filter by date. On the list of recordings, you can right-click and select properties or double-click any recording to add notes to the recording.

The following actions are possible if you right-click the recorded videos:

DeleteDeletes the recording.
Download recordingDownloads the recording on the location you have specified. You can download multiple recordings at a time.
Cancel the download of the recordingCancels the download of the recording.
Lock recordingsLocks the recording to prevent it being deleted.
Unlock recordingsUnlocks the recording.

The recorded videos have one of the following status:

  • Transfer in Progress: The video is copying from the remote device to the video manager. A percentage of progression is displayed. 
  • Downloaded: The video is copied on the video manager and is ready for encoding. 
  • Encoding: The video is encoding. A percentage of progression is displayed. 
  • Available: The video is ready to be downloaded. 
  • Downloading: The video is being downloaded from the console. A percentage of progression is displayed. It is possible to cancel the download.
  • Missing video: The video is missing. An administrator can move records manually from the remote device. These videos appear as missing in the console because the recordings can no longer be found on the remote device. Administrator can remove these record entries from the console.
  • Encoding failed: The encoding process failed.
  • Corrupted video: The video has incorrect size.

To retrieve the failed recordings

  • A retry is launched, in the following cases, after every 5 minutes until the recorded video is uploaded successfully.
    • Video upload fails
    • Agent stops during transfer
    • Video manager stops during transfer
    • Remote device restarts
    In any of the above cases, the video transfer resumes at the last transferred byte.
  • If video encoding fails, a retry is launched when the video manager restarts.
  • If the video manager stops during the video encoding, the video is deleted and status is updated to 'Downloaded' so that a retry is launched when the video manager restarts.
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