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What is a Patch Inventory?

The Patch Inventory provides an overview of Missing Patches , Missing Service Packs , Installed Patches and Installed Service Packs of a device or device group.

What can I do with a Patch Inventory?

With a Patch Inventory you can:

  • Assess patches and service packs that are already installed or are missing
  • Select the patches or service packs you want to deploy
  • Sort patches or service packs by different criteria like severity, product name or product family
  • Create reports to visualize the patching situation of your network

How can I create a Patch Inventory?

Before you can view the Patch Inventory of a device you must scan it for patches. After scanning with Patch Detection the Patch Inventory is automatically uploaded and available.

Is a Patch Inventory always up-to-date?

A Patch Inventory displays the results from the last scan. To ensure that a Patch Inventory is up-to-date, configure Patch Detection to regularly scan for patches.

Where do I find a Patch Inventory in the console?

To view the Patch Inventory of a device or device group go to:

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