On-site architecture

On-site architecture consists of a master with several relays and then more relays or clients directly below. Each relay manages a large number of clients. This architecture requires powerful relays to be more effective. Numbers depend on the size of the infrastructure and the performance. The number of clients per relay may vary depending on if the relay is a dedicated relay (only to be used as a relay) or a non-dedicated one (serves for any other tasks like a normal client in your network). 


  • A master should not have no more than 500 direct children. It is better to have a minimum number of direct children.
  • A master should only have relays (not more than 500) under it.
  • It is best to have a first-level relay to prevent the master from being spammed.
  • A relay should not have more than 2000 clients for Windows and not more than 5000 clients for Linux.
  • The master should never be a backup relay. It is recommended to have at least one dedicated backup relay paying attention to the maximum number of children could get if used as a backup.

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