Managing licenses for remote control sessions

BMC Client Management has a provision to track the remote control licenses. The license count for remote control is present in licenses provided to customers. One license is used for each remote controlled device. 

To view remote control licenses

Go to Global Settings > Licenses > Remote Control.

A list of devices is displayed with details such as host ID, administrator, and last session date. You can filter the list on the basis of device name. You can also filter the list by selecting the device type (all devices, devices with an agent, or devices without an agent) from the provided drop-down list.

On the top right side, you can view the validity status of the licenses, for example, Status Valid (2/1000). 

To release licenses 

You can release the remote control licenses for devices without an agent by performing the following steps:

  1. Select the device from the list.
  2. Select Edit > Release licenses


For devices without an agent, you can release multiple licenses at a time. 

The licenses are automatically released after 6 months if a remote control session is not initiated on an agentless device which is remotely controlled on request previously.

License count

When a remote control session is complete, BMC Client Management performs a check to count the number of licenses available and the available license count is displayed. If a license is available, the remote connection is established and one license is used for a device. For each remote control session, details such as the device name, administrator, session end date are stored in the database. After every check, this data is updated and displayed on the Remote Control tab.

BMC Client Management retrieves the license in one of the following ways:

  • For a device with an agent, ID is the reference. If the device is deprecated or removed, the license is retrieved automatically
  • For a device without an agent, host ID is the reference. In this case, the license cannot be retrieved automatically. To retrieve license manually, follow the steps described in To release licenses.

If a device without an agent is remote controlled previously and then later it is controlled with an agent, the same license is used in such case. 

Messages displayed for the remote control licenses

The following messages are displayed at various conditions on the Java console for remote control licenses:


After each check.

Available remote control count is xxxx.

License is not available.

Failed to get the current remote control count, disabling the remote control license.

An error occurs while calculating licenses.

Failed to get the current devices with remote control events, disabling the remote control license.

License maximum count is reached.

More Assigned devices count than allowed, disabling the Remote Control license.

License is not available.

Max remote control license is reached.

License is invalid.

License is not valid.

License has expired.

The BMC Client Management license has expired.

Objects maximum count is reached.

The number of objects permitted by the BMC Client Management license was exceeded.

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