Inventory details

The Asset Summary node provides direct access to the most important information about a device. It lists the selected device's main information and a summary of the device's hardware, software and security inventory in the respective tabs.

The tab displays the following general information about the device:



Network Name

On top of the information the name of the device displays, either as its short network name if available, otherwise as its IP address together with the icon indicating its network status via the color, that is, green if the device is up and running and contactable and its operating system family.

Operating System Name

The name of the operating system installed on the currently selected device.

IP Address

The IP address of the device in its dotted version, such as

Subnet Mask

The subnet mask of the device.

MAC Address

The MAC, that is, the hardware address of the currently selected device.

Domain Name

Displays the full name of the domain the currently selected device belongs to, that is,

Disk Serial Number

The serial number of the hard disk of the device.


This field displays the name of the user, that was logged when the last hardware inventory was generated.


Displays the type of the device, that is, if it is a workstation, a server, a router, a switch, and so on.

Agent Version

The version number of the CM agent installed on the device.

Last Update

Displays the date and time at which the information shown in this tab was last updated.

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